Cell Phone Accessories

Snapshot is a simple clamp for steadier smartphone videos

96c751161fd85f5bd5a0bbd05e3e540c_largeIf you look hard enough, most problems have pretty simple solutions. For the problem of shaky videos, pipilala has created Snapshot: a simply designed, lightweight clamp that you can carry around anywhere by attaching it to your keychain. The product lets you prop your smartphone up on a stand so that you can experience a a stable video-recording experience, something many of us could use to begin our Oscar worthy films, according to the creator. But don’t worry as it doesn’t come with a Oscar-level price tag: each Snapsot goes for just $10 if you’re early enough. Pipilala is looking for only $3,000 by mid-October.


Swivit Pro helps a GoPro capture extreme action in the round

Swivit ProJust when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another way to mount your GoPro, you were wrong. The Swivit Pro offers 360 degree rotation for filming, impact resistance, weather resistance and stabilized footage. Swivit Pro joins the hoards of other GoPro mounts including the GoBall and GoRigit that claim to offer the best of stability and protection. It’s unclear how the Swivit Pro is any different, but at $25 it’s not too expensive for extreme backers. For the niche market of those looking to document their daredevil activities, the Swivit Pro fits right in. Swivit hopes to raise $10,000 with the help of Indiegogo.