Connected Objects Cooking

The Toasteroid heralds the era of connected heated bread

By now, pretty much everything in the home can be found on the market in both non-connected and connected versions — save for the toaster. This humble little kitchen companion is a mainstay in many a morning routine and is now undergoing a connected transformation into the Toasteroid.

The Toasteroid is exactly that: a smart toaster. It uses microfilament heating to toast intricate designs and messages onto bread that can be customized through a companion iOS/Android app. With it, it can also toast everything from the weather for the day to emojis for a little fun, or simply control the brownness of the toast with more specificity.

Camping Cooking

Compact Delta Toaster lets your bread feel the burn

For those who enjoy camping, RV road trips, yacht cruises or just live in a small space and like having their toast and coffee when they wake up in the morning, here is a nifty gadget that doesn’t require electricity to toast bread on both sides at the same time. Delta Toast is shaped like a triangle that stands bread up while it is placed over a heat source for faster toasting, and less hassle than conventional one-sided camping toasters. It works on both gas and electric stove tops, has a double layered heat shield so that the crusts won’t burn, and will even toast a sandwich.

For those who want to use it in their house or apartment, it is dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, the product is only available to those with addresses in the US and several European countries because of shipping issues. Still, a cute, albeit clunky, product for more simple-minded toast enthusiasts. Backers can get this for $55, with an expected delivery of February 2015. Delta Toast hopes to raise $2,500 on Indiegogo.