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P-flector makes training wee ones a dryer experience

One of the biggest parental challenges in life is helping little ones to become potty trained. The messy…um…adventure includes plenty of wet bathroom floors and extra laundry due to a highly annoying gap that often lurks between the toilet seat and bowl. P-flector was created by a dad who was inspired by his toddler son to find a solution to this messy reality.

The device attaches to the underside of the toilet seat and acts as a shield that keeps urine from escaping through the gap between seat and toilet bowl. This product is made of a flexible material that can conform to most commercial toilet seats.

Seems like this item has some potential, though it’s not entirely clear exactly how it attaches and stays in place without eventually falling into the bowl. This campaign seeks to raise $60,000 on Kickstarter. Backers get one P-flector for $10 with an expected delivery of June 2015.


MotionSeat automatic toilet seat is happy to show you what’s up

Going to the restroom is a pretty crappy experience for most people. If you think about, there are a ton of germs pretty much everywhere and the ways in which we interact with toilet elements don’t necessarily lend themselves to hygiene. With women constantly in danger of sitting on wet sets and men forced to handle the seat to avoid that from happening, both genders are always under fire from unsavory particles that linger there.

MotionSeat is an automatic toilet seat that instantly opens up when it senses your squirming presence. It takes only five minutes to install and contains a battery that lasts at least two months with the capability of being charged either in the seat or separately. By being so straightforward, the product manages to address an issue that’s often considered but that hasn’t really been addressed in an simple manner —  and that’s where it gets all of its appeal. Backers who pledge €65 or more can get grab their very own MotionSeat and help Affinis VOF reach their funding goal of €12,500.