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iTouch ID makes you the finger prince (or princess) of PC passwords

Creating and implementing a strong password strategy is one of the challenges of using devices that is largely fading on the iPhone thanks to the its Touch ID sensor that allows logging in and passwords.

That level of convenience may be coming to Windows PCs and Macs thanks to a New Zealand team producing the iTouchHD, branded as the world’s smallest USB fingerprint scanner. the aluminum device boasts a sapphire lens so it should hold up to daily wear and tear even as a permanent fixture in a USB port. There’s no word on whether teh company will produce a USB-C version to accommodate the new MacBook. It’s seeking to raise $67,000 NZD (about $50,000 USD) by April 18. An iTouch HD is available for $130 NZD ($99 USD) and is due in October.

While a USB add-on may not have the degree of integration that the similar sensor has on the iPhone, it’s the kind of product that laptop owners could use every day. However, some computers like the iMac have their USB ports on the back where the product may be much less convenient. Plus, beefed-up support for biometrics in Windows 10 could prove a boon for devices like this little fingerprint reader.