Food and Beverage

Tray Bien makes for a steadier serve if your glassware fits

Ahhh, yes. There’s nothing like the need to pay off student loans for stoking the fires of creativity to make that happen. And so a couple of college students in the engineering field who may even have a bit of experience serving drinks in a restaurant setting to help pay their way through came up with a way to improve the drink tray, calling it Tray Bien. (They apparently studied a bit of French, too.) Anyway, this serving tray appears to hold six glasses, stemware or otherwise. Specific measurements aren’t noted for glass compatibility, but it appears that most glasses will fit the carved slots, which lower the center of gravity and make glasses more stable. The tray has a mahogany wood finish on one side, a cherry wood finish on the other and is dishwasher safe. As for those who want something especially unique at their next party, consider checking out the Ozz illuminated smart mixed drink mixer. The Tray Bien campaign seeks to raise $10,000 by November 19, 2014. For $30, backers get one tray with an expected delivery of January 2015.


Soapseat provides a goop escape route for your wet soap

Most soap dishes allow your bar soap to sit in its own gooeyness resulting in mold or, at the very least, a soggy soap puck. SOAPSEAT promises to CHANGE that. It’s essentially a soap dish with raised ridges in the middle that spill into the sink. One side curves downwards while the other side grips the edge of the sink. In this way, the water can flow down so that your soap stays fresh. This product comes in three different finishes, all dishwasher safe. One of these vamped up soap cradles will cost backers $25 for estimated delivery in February 2015. SOAPSEAT has a Kickstarter campaign goal of $10,000.

If fresh soap really means a lot to you, then this is a useful product. Most probably don’t care, or opt for those soap dishes with holes in the bottom so the liquid collects in a bottom tray that’s cleaned out. SOAPSEAT is lower maintenance, but still a high price for such a simple product.