Food and Beverage

Vigore bread box implements vacuum effect to keep bread, fruit fresh

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh bread; sandwiches are more savory, garlic bread is more robust, and getting up in the morning is somehow easier when flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth French toast is on the menu. And once a bread-based meal is finished, there’s no greater dessert or snack than some fresh fruit. Keeping both bread and fruit fresh, however, can be a challenge.

The Vigore bread box can purportedly preserve the freshness of breads and fuitts up to three times longer than more traditional storage options. Its makers, however, don’t add specifics so it’s unclear if the Vigore bread box is being compared to other bread boxes, refrigerator storage, or something else entirely. As for how it works, simply plug it in and the built-in electric air removal pump creates a sealed vacuum effect in the box that lengthens the freshness of the food placed within. The electric bread box turns on automatically for two minutes every two hours and only uses 1.5 watts of power per hour. This helps slow down the production of freshness-degrading microbes.

Interested buyers can check out for additional information.  Users interested in similar storage options can check out Rolly Bowl, Silicon Lids and Snackadium. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000 by May 9, 2015. Early bird backers can get one product for $89.

Home Tools

Quack Vac cleans your pool; campaign offers eye candy

Having a pool at home is a luxury, but one that requires a lot of maintenance. In order to keep the pool clean, chemicals must be balanced and dirt and leaves vacuumed out.

The Quack Vac is a pool cleaning system that can be stored outside of the pool. When it’s ready to be used, wheel the system to the edge of the pool and submerge. Quack Vac hooks up with any existing vacuum and filters out dirt and silt at 3,200 gallons per hour. This system is cordless for ease of use and runs on a 12V rechargeable battery. It’s claim to fame is that it can clean any pool faster than existing vacuums can.

While this product does seem perfectly fine with its fast capabilities, its campaign is lacking. First of all, there are few clear pictures of the product itself, but backers will get an eyeful of some bikini-clad babe. Clearly the creators buy into the whole “sex sells” theory. In addition, there are no reward tiers offering the actual product, a definite mistake. Still, for those who want to help, QuackVac needs to raise $48,000 on Kickstarter by mid-January.


PawSpa helps clean Fido’s feet without fuss

It’s kind of like a little vacuum cleaner – only for dog paws. PawSpa is absolutely a step up, maybe even several steps up, from a spray bottle and towels, and seems to be far more pleasant for both owner and his or her furry friend. All components of the paw cleaning system are contained in one box, which includes a wet/dry vacuum, clean water reservoir/submersible pump and a patent-pending wand applicator. These are stored in a unit that looks something like an ottoman. The system is apparently easy enough that even young family members can use it, based on what the video says. PawSpa only requires pet that is cooperative and well-behaved enough to sit still while some lucky chosen family member gets to slide Fido’s legs into the cleaning mechanism – one paw at a time, of course. While a cool idea, PawSpa’s huge $200,000 goal by November 14, 2014 may prove difficult to reach. Early bird backers can get their very own PawSpa for $99 with an expected delivery of April 2015.