Easy Breeze car cooler keeps parked cars the coolest during summertime

Getting into the car on a hot sunny day can be torture. The air of the car’s interior is impossibly hot and the leather seats and seatbelt buckles can burn. Some opt to crack a window, but that doesn’t always do the trick for ventilating the car while it’s parked.

Easy Breeze is a way to keep the parked car cool. This ventilation system runs on a battery that can be charged through a USB cord. Each charge lasts for about a week. Included in the system is a vent, a powerful LED light and weatherstripping for the doors. Easy Breeze is designed to pull the hottest air from the roof out through a crack in the window to cool things down. The product itself looks a little bit like a black mailbox. For extra convenience, the battery pack can also charge any smartphone with a USB cable.

Easy Breeze is a cool product for a number of reasons. First of all, it cuts down on A/C usage when back in the car saving on gas and helping out the environment. Second of all, there have been a number of recent products, like the Babeep, that combat leaving children behind in hot cars. While it’s never advisable to leave a child alone in a car, Easy Breeze is a product that can fend off the heat if this mistake is made, keeping the child safe.

With its ease of charging and convenient uses, Easy Breeze is surely a product most will want come summertime. One will cost backers $38 at an early bird price for estimated delivery in June 2015. Easy Breeze is hoping to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Tech Accessories

Easel comes together to make your laptop keyboard a bit more comfortable

The name laptop is given to computers that can theoretically be held in one’s lap, if one’s lap were in a heat-resistant suit and not capable of being burned. EASEL is a pair of magnetic legs for the bottom of a laptop, making it a comfortable fit on any flat surface. The EASEL lifts the laptop up and angles it forward, making it more comfortable on eyes, necks, and wrists. The added bonus to this is that it creates a space for airflow beneath the laptop that will let heat out as needed.

Because EASEL has just the two legs that can be adjusted to fit any width of laptop, it’s a snap to remove from the laptop. Then, the magnetism of the legs makes them click together when nearby, meaning users won’t wind up losing only one leg and can easily tuck them into a laptop bag. Designed by Arizona inventor Jordan Mummert, EASEL is going to take $7,200 to buy materials and handle shipping. For $36, they can be placed under the buyer’s laptop in November 2014. These laptop legs are beginning to become easier to find, but if those that like the aesthetic, simplicity, and magnetism of EASEL can easily get stuck on this product.