You may become a fan of the Evapolar personal air condition

Some people are cool and some people just want to be cool. For those in the latter camp who don’t want to make things uncomfortable for the former, the go-to option is generally a small desk fan. But those have limitations. It can be loud and distracting to have air blowing in one’s face.

patent-claimedThe Russian team behind Evapolar seek to create personal microclimates with a personal air conditioner. The cubic illuminated device fills up with water and a special material called Eva Breeze allows it to slowly evaporate. The Evapolar team compares its pint-sized product to the price and energy efficiency of a room air conditioner, but the area covered by the smaller device is only about 100 square feet.

The campaign suggests using two two to cool a larger room and also touts the products air purification and environmental benefits as it uses no freon. Alas, there’s no way to control or monitor the product from a smartphone. Evapolar seeks $100,000 by October 21st. An Evapolar personal air conditioner will set backers back a cool $179 with the final retail price expected to be $250.

Despite its claims, the Evapolar certainly isn’t the first device to market itself as a personal air conditioner although to be fair most of the other products are more like misting fans. On the other hand, those products cost a fraction of what the Evapolar does. The Evapolar’s price requires that it perform well versus real room air conditioners. Doing so will be an impressive feat given its size.


Easy Breeze car cooler keeps parked cars the coolest during summertime

Getting into the car on a hot sunny day can be torture. The air of the car’s interior is impossibly hot and the leather seats and seatbelt buckles can burn. Some opt to crack a window, but that doesn’t always do the trick for ventilating the car while it’s parked.

Easy Breeze is a way to keep the parked car cool. This ventilation system runs on a battery that can be charged through a USB cord. Each charge lasts for about a week. Included in the system is a vent, a powerful LED light and weatherstripping for the doors. Easy Breeze is designed to pull the hottest air from the roof out through a crack in the window to cool things down. The product itself looks a little bit like a black mailbox. For extra convenience, the battery pack can also charge any smartphone with a USB cable.

Easy Breeze is a cool product for a number of reasons. First of all, it cuts down on A/C usage when back in the car saving on gas and helping out the environment. Second of all, there have been a number of recent products, like the Babeep, that combat leaving children behind in hot cars. While it’s never advisable to leave a child alone in a car, Easy Breeze is a product that can fend off the heat if this mistake is made, keeping the child safe.

With its ease of charging and convenient uses, Easy Breeze is surely a product most will want come summertime. One will cost backers $38 at an early bird price for estimated delivery in June 2015. Easy Breeze is hoping to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.


Geleeo cools down the kids during hot summer strolls

Geleeo  53609564bfde67e62fe302f8a7b366e5_large[1]Taking the kids out for a walk is good for both them and you. But as summer approaches and the temperature rises, heat and humidity can make for a cranky and unpleasant outing in a stroller. That’s where Geleeo comes in handy. The gel pad doesn’t need any prior freezing (which is good because it would be difficult to fit in many freezers), fits into pretty much any stroller, and keeps little ones cool while you show them around the neighborhood. For $60, backers get one cooling pad with an expected delivery of May 2014.


KoldRush douses cyclists so they keep a cool head

KoldRushCycling is a hot sport, made even more so by helmets. KoldRush is a cooling system that delivers water from a bottle directly to a cyclists head via their helmet at the touch of a button. It basically sweats more for you, so that you can ride to your heart’s content. Concerns that the extremely short-range rain could interfere with your vision are dismissed by noting a sweatband will keep the extra moisture form interfereing . This cool(ing) product goes for $200 with an estimated delivery date of July 2014. KoldRush is looking to raise $50,000 in a 45-day run on Kickstarter.