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The WaterO purifies H2O at the touch of a button

Clean water is a luxury many people in the world don’t have. As time goes on and the world’s clean water supply becomes increasingly precious, more people join that statistic. This makes developing technologies that pursue the purification of water one of the biggest endeavours of the 21st century. But to move a mountain, one has to start with a few rocks: One of those rocks is WaterO.

The WaterO purifier uses the principle of reverse osmosis, a water treatment method that forces untreated water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants and impurities, to purify 99.9% of the water run through it. Its four filter system captures everything from nitrates, cyanide, and copper, resulting in a crisp glass of water everytime. Its sleek construction sits well on a kitchen countertop and requires no installation, plugging in for power instead.


Water Fall is a filtering system worth pouring over

Filtered water is all the rage these days. People simply can’t abide water straight from the tap as some claim it has a “funny taste”. For those who like filtered water, but don’t want to wait too long look to Water Fall. This filter takes the best ideas from the pour over coffee design by poising the filter over the water. It uses a stand to hold the filter above a water carafe. In this way, the user can filter as much water as they’d like, whether they want to use several pitchers for a dinner party, or simply filter a glass’s worth. The design of Water Fall is sleek and discreet. One will cost backers $59 for the filter, stand, two carafes and one filter for delivery in March 2015. Water Fall hopes to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Water Fall is the best option out there for filtering large amounts of water. Other systems focus on one container at a time like the LiveWell Water Filter. It’s a pain to have to purchase filters from Water Fall, however, most popular systems work this way as well, like Brita. All in all, Water Fall may prove to be the most convenient option for pure water enthusiasts.