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Spiro X1 Bluetooth adapter eliminates the puzzle of headphone wire tangles

The headphones people listen to their music on can be considered sacred. What those same people could do away with are the mess of tangles that inevitably come with owning a pair.

New York inventor Daniel Geenberg’s Spiro X1 replaces the detachable wires of select headphones from big names like Beats and Bose with a compact, Bluetooth-enabled adapter that streams music from a iOS or Android phone.

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Cablestop is a small cylindical weight to tame your cables

Desks are notorious for wires shooting out all over the place making a messy work environment. It’s hard to keep them all organized as we continue to add more devices to the mix. Cablestop is like a paperweight for your wires. It’s small and discreet, using little slots to slide the wires through. This product comes in several different colors. In addition, Cablestop doesn’t use any type of magnet or adhesive so it can be adjusted easily. To use, simply snake through one or two wires.

Each Cablestop only holds up to two wires, which is good from an organizational perspective, but not so great from a financial perspective. The typical backer with a cluttered desk will probably need at least two to tidy up. One will cost backers $21 AUD (~$18 USD) for delivery in April 2015 from Australia. This product is looking to raise $29,000 AUD (~$25,000 USD) on Kickstarter. Some backers may opt for a more do-it-yourself approach to the wire situation by using binder clips as wire holders. For the less creative, however, Cablestop is a nifty little solution to your clutter problems.