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Spiro X1 Bluetooth adapter eliminates the puzzle of headphone wire tangles

The headphones people listen to their music on can be considered sacred. What those same people could do away with are the mess of tangles that inevitably come with owning a pair.

New York inventor Daniel Geenberg’s Spiro X1 replaces the detachable wires of select headphones from big names like Beats and Bose with a compact, Bluetooth-enabled adapter that streams music from a iOS or Android phone. This makes for an instantly tangle-free existence, something many are no doubt eager for. One touch play/pause and the ability to take calls round out the package. The Spiro X1 goes for an affordable $50, with an estimated ship date of December 2015. The campaign is looking for $75,000 by June 28, 2015.

What they might not be eager for, though, is the awkward form factor. While the campaign videos make it clear that excess movement won’t make the Spiro X1 fall out, it still looks a bit out of place when installed — something that might turn some off. Admirable in what it does, Spiro X1 is just too big and bulky looking and no amount of ambient ring lighting and easy control can help. Interested parties might want to look towards Btunes instead.

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