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WAY shows the way to connected skin care

Proper skin care is essential in avoiding things like premature aging and skin cancer. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to take care of their skin. Besides the fact that each person’s skin is unique, the environment they’re in also plays a huge role, and those complicated nuances can be confusing for most to understand.

The WAY personal skin care system consists of a lightweight, Bluetooth-enabled device that works with a companion iOS/Android app to keep users informed of best skin care practices. The WAY device focuses on two things. Its UV and humidity sensors keep tabs on the environment while a BIA, or bio-electrical impedance analysis, sensor analyzes the moisture content and oil balance in skin.

This information is sent to the app to create personalized skincare recommendations, ranging from when to best use a facial mist to what skin care products would be best for that particular skin type and environment. $99 will get interested backers a WAY device, with an estimated ship date of November 2015. The campaign is hoping to raise $50,000 by June 26, 2015.

While many women will no doubt be interested in the WAY, BIA sensors aren’t the most accurate tools to measure moisture and oil. It is said that a single measurement is suspect, with results improving over time after collecting more data. Still, it isn’t reaching too far in trying to provide information so the company behind WAY knows its limits. The product seems to be a useful one and will see incorporation into daily skin care routines alongside products like the Portable Facial Steamer.

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