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The 01 is number one at measuring the world around you

Despite the action of measuring being vital to pretty much every industry, the tools used to do so are woefully outdates. Now, with the 01, the tape measure gets a 21st-century makeover.

The 01 is a combination laser-guided measuring tool, pen, pencil and stylus all wrapped in an elegant and slim aliminum housing. Created with designers, engineers, architects and even the average joe in mind, the 01 can be used to accurately capture the dimensions of any surface or object. For example, at work it can be used to quickly log the length, width and height of an object in any metric (millimeters, inches, etc.), measure complex contours and even be used with a scale to read drawings better. And at home, it cames in handy when dimensioning spaces for furniture, setting up a grid for posters, or even measuring material for installation. The 01’s companion app logs all the information so that users can browse, edit, and share results via SMS, e-mail, or Facebook, perfect for working on a team. $149 gets backers the choice of a pen, pencil or stylus edition of the 01 by December 2016. The product’s flexible Indiegogo campaign is looking for $100,000 by December 1st, 2016 to see success.

The 01 immediately calls to mind its clunkier but more feature-rich cousin in the Bagel tape measure. It incorporates similar functionality to the 01 in that it can measure irregular surfaces alongside features like voice recording, built-in standing support and app connectivity. However, the 01 shines in its minimalist design that goes well with the creative crowd as opposed to the more rugged Bagel. Both have their pros and cons, but most will likely be swayed by the 01’s easier implementation in an everyday work routine.

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