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The ARC helps alleviate a pain in the neck

The Premise. In a world where so many people spend their entire workday in the confines of an office environment, neck soreness and discomfort has become extremely problematic. Solutions can be expensive, and are somewhat limited in scope. Clinical therapy can be effective, but sometimes it’s a shot in the dark, leaving those with neck pain to suffer until they finally find the solution they’re looking for.

The Product. The ARC is billed as a “simple, elegant and effective solution for neck soreness.” As the individual lies back with his or her neck resting on the arced device, it utilizes pressure points to quickly relax muscles and joints. In this way, it is similar to several back therapy products. It is said to be engineered in a way that makes it safe for daily use. It features a sturdy collapsible construction that makes use of neoprene padding, pressure inserts and a living hinge. The ARC will also be available in two sizes, which should make it easier for customers to choose a product that best fits the shape and size of their head/neck.

The Pitch. The video for the $25,000 campaign with CEO Gene Shirokobrod gives a description of how the product was designed, based upon therapeutic principles involving pressure points to relieve discomfort in the face/neck. The ARC, says Shirokobrod, essentially replaces the hands of a clinical therapist. The pitch makes clear that those with neck discomfort are the primary target audience for the ARC.

The Perks. The ARC will be released to the world in May 2014. Backers can get entry-level package pricing at around $40.

The Potential. Any pain relief gadget invites a healthy dose of skepticism. Furthermore, as with any devices used to treat medical conditions, however, it’s important to run this product by your doctor, especially if you’ve suffered from neck pain for a while. If it works and can find the right channels, though, it could find a significant market. Neck soreness certainly is omnipresent, and given that treatment can be so expensive, the ARC could represent a great supplemental approach and value for those seeking relief.

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