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The GoDJ Plus is a lightweight DJ system that still drops tons of bass

Being a DJ is a glamorous job, filled with the people, parties, and music that would make anyone jealous of the lifestyle. But truly doing a great job means knowing music history and having the right equipment at the ready. The problem is that all of that equipment together usually ends up being heavy and awkward to effectively move around.

The advent of tablets have been great at lightening a DJ’s load but lack all the physicality of a true DJ deck. Enter the GoDJ Plus, a fully featured, portable DJ system that’s the size of A4 paper with a weight of just under two pounds to match. The sleekly designed, aluminum system sports two decks with two screens, two sets of LED-backlit pads, and a full set of tools from an EQ to a sampler to a sequencer. Interestingly, the GoDJ Plus doesn’t require a smartphone or a laptop to operate. Instead, 16GB of internal storage and an SD card slot lets DJs load in their own music or download songs from major streaming services using the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity, with dedicated CPUs within dedicated to each track, hardware, and software for optimal performance.Built-in speakers and dedicated RCA sockets for those powerful venue sound systems make the GoDJ Plus a full standalone DJ system capable of dropping the bass with the best of them. $349 gets backers their own GoDJ Plus, 30% off its eventual retail price, by December 2016. The product’s flexible Indiegogo campaign is looking for $50,000 by September 2016.

A slim, lightweight but still physical DJing experience can be had with the GoDJ Plus, making it a standout in the crowd — especially due to its claimed 12-hour battery life. Both this product and the Tuna Knobs have the same goal in mind, but the former arguably does it better by retaining a familiar analog feel while updating it with modern trappings like SD cards and Wi-Fi for greater versatility.


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