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The PGS portable gaming system goes way beyond catching Pokemon

Hardcore PC gamers are in a tough spot. They can either choose to stay indoors and play the most popular AAA titles on powerful, custom-built rigs designed to bring for the very best performance, or relegate themselves to handhelds and tablets that offer comparatively sub-par gaming experiences. For the PC master race, that’s not much of an option.

Despite its uninspired name, the team behind the PGS — short for Portable Gaming System — is looking give PC gamers an actual choice when it comes to moving and gaming. Luckily, it sports a sleek, 1.4cm thick design that looks like a PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS had a child — a scarily intelligent, capable child. The dual-screen, foldable device comes in two variants. The PGS Hardcore has a QHD IPS 2560×1440 display, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Both use the Intel Atom Z8750 designed for high-performance portable devices, allowing both to run games like Dark Souls II and Batman: Arkham City on medium settings, satisfying the most ardent gamer’s urges to take on that next boss no matter where they may be.

The PGS isn’t simply a gaming device, though. It dual boots into Windows 10 64-bit for full desktop functionality and gaming duties, complete with USB 3.0, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, or Android 6.0 to be used as a smartphone. A built-in webcam, five stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack round out the package. The PGS is available for preorder for $360.

Over the years, there have been many attempts from companies like NVIDIA to introduce handheld PC gaming devices along more established offerings from Sony and Nintendo. But with the Shield not having experienced the success it was looking for, it’s clear there’s still more to be done in the space. The GDP Win, for example, is very similar to the PGS but just not as powerful as it’s Hardcore variant — and a gamer’s obsession for specs is the driving force behind what gets support and what doesn’t.

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