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The Immotor GO is the Tesla of e-scooters

editors-choice-300x96The first and last miles of every commute are usually the most annoying, making any solution for them worth looking at for those sick of them.

The Immotor GO is a new entrant into this segment, billed as a smart e-scooter — and smart it is. This folding, three-wheeled e-scooter sports a wide range of design perks and smart functionality that make it unlike much else on the market. Starting up top, users will find an intelligent display (with Bluetooth connection status, charging status, remaining distance, headlight status, total distance, and cruise control status), easy-to-use controls for acceleration and braking, a SIM-based integrated GPS module, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and LED headlights — and that’s all just in its handlebars! 

The Immotor GO’s weatherproof houses a patented battery system called Super Batteries that are swappable and contain a safety-focused operating system for power on demand, battery stacking, and accident awareness. It can even be used to charge other devices, an important part of the manufacturing company’s goal of expanding the Super Battery’s versatility. One of its best features is its interaction with the Immotor GO’s companion app, notifying it of potential problems and when to replace batteries, making it a self-preserving scooter as much as it is a smart one.

The app also allows for a wide range of functionality, like tracking the scooter, establishing electronic fences, and recording trips, not to mention parental controls that limit the scooter’s maximum acceleration and speed. Two models of the Immotor GO are available starting at $499 depending on how early backers choose to pick one up: a 250W model and a 350W one. All are slated to ship March 2017 should the Immotor GO’s Indiegogo campaign raise $45,000 by November 25th, 2016.

Put simply, the Immotor GO is the smartest e-scooter looking for funding right now. With big, bold ideas in its Super Battery system and a glut of integrations and connectivity — down to a smartphone camera shutter button right on its handlebars — the scooter is more than just a vehicle but almost a complete mode of transportation in and of itself, especially since riders don’t need to balance due to its three wheels. For people looking for the most connected last mile scooter experience possible, this is most definitely it. For others looking for something a bit simpler, try something like the Zar.

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