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The Vue smart specs are the cure for the uncommon glasshole

editors-choice-300x96No one can deny that the idea of smart glasses is pretty cool. Unfortunately, their design is usually awkward, painfully obvious, and kind of creepy, making what is an interesting look anything but.

This is why the Vue everyday smart glasses are so intriguing. The team behind it crammed some of the more desired features of something like a Google Glass into a pair of frames that look, well, normal. In a pair of Vue glasses, users will find an impressive feature set. Working through Bluetooth with its companion smartphone app, the Vue’s bone conductive design allows for hands-free calling (in conjunction with its built-in mic), turn-by-turn navigation, and the option to listen to music no matter where — all with a few taps to its rim.

Different sets of taps can also be used to control a smartphone’s shutter button or even have Vue discreetly tell the time, useful when it would otherwise be rude to check a watch. The companion also facilitates an basic activity tracking feature along with a ‘Find My Glasses’ feature for those more clumsy individuals. Backers can grab a pair for $179 and expect to receive them by July 2017 should the Vue Kickstarter campaign raise $50,000 by December 10th, 2015.

Despite all it can do, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the Vue. Since it has an open API, developers or enterprising tweakers can have the Vue do whatever they’d like, giving it the type of versatility Google Glass wishes it had — only in a much more attractive package. Add in the fact that users can use whatever lenses they require, and the Vue is a much consumer-focused package that will appeal to a wider range of people with its wide array of uses.

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