The Sence illuminates the mystery behind your emotions

Having greater awareness of emotions and their effect on the body, as well as what can be done in order to emphasize more positive emotions, can help us do away with the triggers, habits, and situations that can exacerbate the bad ones.

The Sence wearable is aiming to help in this regard, with the capability of understanding when and where a user experiences 64 distinct emotions, physical exertion and recovery, vitality, and stress. It does by recognizing the minute variations between the heart’s contractions — called R-peak signals — with ECG tracking technology, something other wearables don’t do but that makes the Sence far more precise.

With this data, the band’s companion smartphone app can generate detailed suggestions to coach users towards a more mindful lifestyle that’s more productive, with the ability for multiple users to share this information to better support each other through the challenges of everyday life. Each Sence goes for $169 and is expected to ship in August 2017. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $100,000 by December 1st, 2016.

The Sence is a evolution of products like the WellBe that focus on helping individuals deal with stress. Sence offers far more information about various emotional states, and a product that offers more information is more useful in the long run. While it boasts a low-key profile like the WellBe, the Sence does require users to consult their phones often, a bit of a trade-off in that respect.

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