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The NEEURO brain training headband offers tough mental workouts for better cognition

It’s sadly inevitable: cognitive resources dwindle as people age, making it harder to recall information, get around, and make decisions. Fortunately, neuroscience has proven that those who routinely work out their cognitive abilities slow the rate of loss for a more alert and vibrant later into life.

The NEEURO brain training wearable is positioned as an aid. The device combines an EEG-based headband with an iOS or Android smartphone companion app filled with games that focus on maintaining and improving memory, spatial awareness, and attention amongst others. NEEURO features six sensors for accuracy when tracking progress in these game over time.

More interesting, though, is the capability for users to use those sensors to control certain games completely with their mind — new territory for this kind of product. For those interested, a NEEURO band and its suite of memory games are going for $139 and is expected to ship June 2016. The NEEURO Indiegogo campaign is looking for $50,000 by April 16th, 2016.

While most cognitive devices focus on training just a segment of a person’s skill, NEEURO has more in common with the popular Lumosity app. Ultimately, though, it’s on consumers to trust whether something like NEEURO has merit considering the lawsuit Lumosity had to settle and the kind of message it sends to potential backers. The science is certainly there. NEEURO, though, may not be.

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