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The connected Teplo bottle does away with tepid tasting teas

Despite what most may think, properly brewing tea is an involved process requiring exact times and temperatures — and these figures change with every single type of tea. Any more or any less of any one variable and the tea in question won’t be as potent, losing the benefits that make it a healthy choice in the first place.

The Teplo smart bottle takes the guesswork out of brewing that perfect cup of tea. By combining an extremely simple design — a glass bottle with top and bottom bamboo caps — with a bit of smarts, company Load&Road LLC has designed a tea companion that guides drinkers through the brewing process using a companion smartphone app. With it, users can input the kind of tea being brewed and from there,

Teplo controls the two most important variables: time and temperature. It then notifies users when exactly to stop brewing, and a rechargeable battery in its base keeps the tea at the preferred temperature long after the brewing process is done. Teplo goes as far as learning a user’s preferences to achieve consistent results. Each Teplo goes for $64 and is expected to ship in August 2016. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for $60,000 by March 26th, 2016.

Teplo is the low-key version of the uber-pricey Teforia, the countertop tea brewing solution that uses a proprietary brewing method to perfectly brew any type of tea. But while the latter is bound to the home, the former is much more practical in the sense that it can be taken with you anywhere — without breaking the bank to do so. While the Teforia is certainly a beautiful conversation piece, Teplo ends up being far more practical in the long run.

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