Personal Transportation

The One Wheel Motorcycle plays the heavy, won’t take on Harleys

When it comes to getting from point A to point B, the urban environment begs for experimentation. Results come in the form of increasingly inventive form factors that reimagine how getting around could look like.

Another one of these ideas is the One Wheel Motorcycle. It’s a self-balancing unicycle powered by a 1000w brushless motor that generates speeds of up to 13mph. While not remarkably fast, it will certainly get riders places: the company claims riders can squeeze out about 63 miles out of a full charge.

A power display, rear LED lights, and small pocket in the steering column round out the One Wheel Motorcycle package. A single one goes for $1,350 and is expected to ship worldwide in May 2016. The company behind the Indiegogo campaign is looking for $37,000 by April 13th, 2016 to see success.

The One Wheel Motorcycle is no doubt a fun idea, but one place it misses the mark is portability. The urban environment demands something that can easily be taken around and while the One Wheel Motorcycle is fairly compact, it’s pretty hefty, weighing in at about 100 pounds. Something like the A-Bike Electric is a far better option for the every day.

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