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Sleep Shepherd Blue turns the beat around to sleep

Avoiding caffeine after dinner and drinking a warm glass of milk before bedtime are the usual tips for those suffering from lack of or low-quality sleep. But in the day and age of self-driving cars and neural computing capable of conquering Go masters, these methods seem slightly out of date.

The Sleep Shepherd Blue is a billing itself as a truly modern solution to an ancient problem.
The lightweight, adjustable headband contains thin speakers and EEG sensors to facilitate a patent-pending biofeedback system using binaural beats, or pairs of tones at different frequencies, to get users into and out of sleep more quickly and easily.

Its companion app uses the EEG sensors to more effectively track and save the length and type of sleep experienced along with head orientation for a more complete picture of sleeping habits over time. Those interested can grab a Sleep Shepherd Blue for $199, $50 off its eventual MSRP. It’s expected to ship in May 2016 should its $25,000 campaign see success by March 25th, 2016.

In comparison to products like Kokoon, the Sleep Shepherd uses a smarter method to induce higher quality, more restful sleep. Instead of noise cancellation, it actively works to achieve its goal — a strategy the tossers and turners of the world would no doubt appreciate.

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