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The One is for the two hands playing an iPad-enabled piano

The history of interfaces and gadgets aimed at helping people learn to play piano stretches back at least 25 years to the release of The Miracle piano that worked with the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Carrying on The Miracle’s tradition of educational digital pianos with names that include an article, The ONE digital keyboards can connect directly to an iPad or Android tablet. The pianos feature light-up keys that have been popular on low-end learning pianos for years. However, when paired with a tablet, apps — such as the one the company is creating — can do a more engaging job of teaching piano.. The ONE has been sold in other countries for some time so the campaign really marks more of its entrance into North America than a whole new concept.

Details are short on just how far The ONE system can take an eager student or how much music theory it teaches. However, the campaign features people that run the gamut from young kids to professional musicians (No Doubt’s Stephen Bradley).  For a product that has a name focused on the singular, The ONE includes several variations — two portable keyboards with reduced keys and a full 88-key upright, each available in black or white. The ONE’s producers seek $25,000 by July 30th in its flexible funding campaign The pianos start at $199, a $100 discount from the expected retail price. The upright sells for $799. That includes free shipping to the U.S., while those outside the U.S. must tack on an extra $199 for the large object.

There are a host of options out there for using an iPad to help learn piano. The ONE’s direct connection gives it an advantage in terms of tracking the feedback loop. For complete novices who have no keyboard on which to learn or practice, particularly the less expensive versions seems like a good bet. That said, even quality digital pianos tend to have a long lifespan, and it’s likely that technology may move forward before students are adept at playing the Root Beer Rag.

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