Trivae shifts from holding pot lids to plates with aplomb

Open flames, piping hot pots and pans, and never enough room — kitchens can certainly be a taxing environment, and cooking in one can be a bit of a puzzle. With so many moving pieces floating around, you’re bound to get tied up with hands full while a pressing matter is vying for your attention. In an attempt to free up hands stuck in indecision, Trivae is a heat-resistant, cast iron lid holder and dual trivet that always gives you a place to put down random lids, plates, or pans. It makes the transition from kitchen assistant pretty well when you expand it out to serve as a presentation stand as well. Some smart design decisions were implemented into the design of the product, including a spine that curves away from whatever is on top in its flat layout, and non-slip rubber pads to avoid slippage. When you’re done, the product’s single trivet option also doubles as a way to conveniently store the product, addressing storage issues just like the Armadillo Colander does. A donation of $50 gets interested backers their very own Trivae in May of 2015. A $50,000 campaign goal is the only thing stopping Trivae from beginning production.