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Trongs prevents evidence of sticky fingers

For those who don’t listen to that old tape of their mom’s voice in their head saying, “Wash your hands before you eat!” there is now a new type of eating utensil emerging in the marketplace.  Trongs goes one step further than a spork and blends tongs and a mini tripod. The idea is a product that fills in the gap between a fork, spoon and knife so that people can eat those traditional finger foods like french-fries, buffalo wings and barbecue ribs without having to get one’s fingers dirty and sticky and using lots of towelettes. Trongs lets the user pull rib and chicken meat away from the bone.

While they are washable and reusable, it’s unclear if they are dishwasher safe, or exactly what they are made of. Also, it doesn’t seem that they’d work so well with pizza, though that finger food can be eaten with a fork and knife if one really wants to do that.  This campaign seeks to raise $150,000. For $25, backers get one pack.

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Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for taking notice of this utensil. I’m sorry we did not make the dishwashersafitude clear, but they are made from a high grade polypropylene that is dishwasher safe. We caution that users secure trongs in the top rack basket so they don’t fly around the dishwasher and possible get caught in the spray rotor.
To clarify, I dont think it’s necessary to use trongs for eating pizza unless your fingers are dirty and you want to be sanitary. I do recommend just having one just so folks can follow the proper pizza pie pinching protocol, aka, dont touch my slice while you pull out yours.

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