TwistTubes Side Opening Organizers help enthusiasts get it together

TwistTubesHobbyists, crafters and do-it-yourselfers seem to have the same unique struggle of keeping all the little things organized and easily accessible. That’s where TwistTubes can make a difference. The tubes are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is the same plastic used for safety glasses, so it seems that it would be a durable and long-lasting system. They can also can be compartmentalized. That being said, moms with kids who like building sets and models might also find this to be a useful product. Not sure it will alleviate the spill factor any better than anything else out there based on the way the video presents it, but it does seem to have a variety of good storage uses. For $12, backers get a set of four by November 2014.

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