Ubotia PiPanther moddable tank seeks and destroys

Nowadays, our fellow aerial-based drones are busy getting all the limelight. This leaves all the land-based devices like the Ubotia PiPanther out in the cold. Many aerial drones focus on videography and trying to look cool as possible, but after the video is done, where’s the fun?

The PiPanther is essentially a Raspberry Pi on tracks, and comes equipped with Wi-Fi functionality along with an HD camera to facilitate shooting games with its companion Ubotia app and other PiPanthers. The device is also moddable as well, so additions like LEDs can be added if a night game is preferred. Both iOS and Android users can both remotely control the PiPanther, and an open API will ensure users won’t get bored too easily. Pair it with something like Droidles to create interesting scenarios. The €99 (~$120) product and is expected to ship in April 2015 with a successful campaign of €5,000 (~$6,069).

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