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Uknekt lets you give remote pets food, video chat tips

Pets make a great addition to any home, but can be a pain when owners want to travel. There always needs to be someone around to make sure the pets get fed.

Uknekt offers a way for pet owners to not only feed their pets while they’re gone, but also interact with them. The feeder comes equipped with a compartment for food, water, and treats. Controlled by an Android and iOS compatible app, owners can control the flow of sustenance for their pets. Uknekt also has a microphone, speaker, camera, and motion sensor so that footage and sounds from the pets are transmitted to the app. Uknekt also comes equipped with a backup battery and waterproof cable.

Uknekt joins similar products such as the PetPal and Romeow, but is more versatile. Not only does it allow for interaction, but it also serves up food, water, and treats. For their own, backers can donate $259 to the campaign. This product is looking to raise $87,500 on Indiegogo.

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