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Use the Droppler to drop your rate of H2O waste

Every year, the problem of water waste continues. It’s imperative to do whatever possible to slow the rate of waste, and while people usually think of large scale solutions when it comes to these equally large problems, everything really begins in a more familiar place: at home.

The Droppler is a connected device that lives in the kitchen or the bathroom, riding the coattails of the heightened use of voice-controlled gadgets like Amazon’s Echo by constantly listening to instances of running water. It was born out of a desire to more readily understand water usage, and to do so pairs with an accompanying smartphone app to monitor water usage and allow users to set goals in dollars versus other, indecipherable standards.

In addition, its modular construction can be upgraded easily or even expanded upon depending on what becomes available for it. The Droppler can be had for $99 and is expected to ship in June 2016. Its $70,000 goal needs to be met by $70,000 to be successful.

The Droppler is a novel solution to saving water in the home. Unfortunately, its core functionality is something a majority of mic-equipped connected devices would be able to replicate with programming. Still, it definitely can help, especially combined with shower specific water-saving solutions like the Cullector or EVA.


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