The Gravitron v2 lets you experience drone races at 50 mph

The sport of first-person view drone racing is growing, and growing quickly. With it, the demand for faster, lighter, and more durable drones that can outpace the competition.

The Gravitron v2 is the second iteration of the original, and its specs show. This time, 3k Japanese carbon fiber — some of the strongest and lightest — is joined by powerful 2300kv brushless motors alongside a lithium ion battery that gives the Gravitron a top speed of 50mph for anywhere between five to eight minutes. And with that blazing speed, all pilots are bound to crash their Gravitron in some brutal ways.

Luckily, the company behind instituted a lifetime warranty on each of the Gravitron’s four carbon fiber arms, so those pilots will never have to worry and can focus on recording video with the optionally attached GoPro 4. For $410, backers will receive a complete package ready to fly out the box consisting of the Gravitron and all its assorted accessories.

50mph? That’s a pretty ridiculous stat, and will make any aspiring FPV racer a little nervous. To make them feel a little more comfortable, there are two modes making the experience easier. One self levels while the other doesn’t, making the climb to more adept piloting easy to understand. For a more tame experience, check out the PowerUp instead.

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