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The Hexoskin Smart is a Bluetooth-enabled second skin for your second wind

More and more, wearables are trending towards clothing with embedded technology versus additional and mostly cumbersome devices that ultimately get in the way of an efficient exercise, for instance. 2013’s Hexoskin, a sensor-embedded shirt able to generate data on heart rate, calories burned, movement, etc., was a sneak peek at the idea. Now, the company is back with their second generation Hexosin Smart.

In addition to the shirt’s ability to analyze exercise intensity, fatigue, recovery, breathing, and sleep quality, it is now outfitted with Bluetooth Smart technology, allowing it to work on a wide array of the most popular exercising apps like Strava, MapMyRun and Argus.

Runners will love the idea of not having to take their phone, smart band, or any other connected exercise device with them while athletes will enjoy its ease of use and breadth of data generated by the shirt. 30 hours of battery life rounds out a solid package that goes for $349, with lower prices the earlier backers pledge. It is expected in June 2016 should its $50,000 campaign be successful by February 24th, 2016.

The Hexoskin Smart has a broad range of promising applications, from fitness to conceivably even medicine and space travel. It’s even more attractive when considering that it comes in at a slightly easier-to-digest price range compared to the Athos range of smart clothing while eliminating an external hardware, too. the Hexoskin is certainly something to look out for, especially when the company decides to outfit the rest of the body.

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