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VV-Box is the voice of reason reminding loved ones to take pills

There have been a growing number of connected pill boxes in recent months that remind people to take their medications on time.

VV-Box is yet another medication-tracking pill box. But one thing that sets it apart from at least certain rivals, like Liif, is that VV-Box features a customized voice reminder. A personal greeting can be recorded, allowing people to remind their loved ones by voice to take their medicine.

Retail pricing isn’t provided, but early bird Kickstarter backers can get a VV-Box for as low as $39. VV-Box will ship in January, and its makers hope to raise $20,000 by Nov. 7.

Clearly the market opportunity is particularly strong for many people -– especially seniors –- who take numerous medications each day, and it’s often difficult to remember when to take them all. Other benefits of VV-Box include its built-in infrared sensor that records a dosage completion each time a medicine bottle placed in it is removed out of the device’s compartment. A negative, however, is the fact that the first-generation version is designed only for home use and must be plugged into a wall socket. But its makers say that Kickstarter success will help develop enhancements including portable options.


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