Your kids will fill the brain of the creepy Ohbot2 robot head

Introducing young learners to concepts of coding and robotics are noble efforts, increasingly becoming more necessary as time passes with society’s growing dependency on technology.

Ohbot’s Ohbot2 is a robotic face with seven different servo motors that control parts such as its eyeballs and mouth. The creators envision its use a personable interface kids will instantly attach to and then program using Ohbot2’s simple, graphical programming interface. It may not be C+ or Python, but that’s not important: Ohbot2’s use in classrooms with young learners gives kids the fun, engaging opportunity to see how code affects real objects rather than regulating it to abstract environments.

Parents and educators can grab an Ohbot2 kit from anywhere between $130 to $185, depending on a range of desired ship dates between December 2015 to January 2016. Ohbot is looking for $154,000 to make improvements to Ohbot2’s expressiveness and ease of construction by November 16th, 2015.

While it may look a bit off-putting at first, Ohbot2’s personality shine through in how it swivels around and the voice it uses to speak even if it is a bit rough around the edges and naturally catches and maintain the attention of children. Other kids-focused programming initiatives quite similar to Ohbot2 are Droidles and Codie.

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