Watcher watch watches what warrants watching

Consumers are still trying to figure out exactly what the relationship will be between the smartphone and the smartwatch. However, one popular task that smartwatches can help us with is sensing more about our environment.

In the case of Watcher, that might include things that are in danger of possibly leaving one’s environment. The smartwatch has a number of features common to smartwaatches — an e-paper display like the first Pebble, notifications from a smartphone, and basic step counting. However,  Watcher can also track up to five objects in its proximity via a low-power RF system. These might include a wallet, kids, pets or keys.

A thermometer add-on is also available for, say, monitoring a baby’s temperature. Watcher also can track how long it’s been next to another Watcher for something it calls “sweet time.” It’s a feature similar to the main reason for another recent Kickstarter watch, Serendip.

Watcher developer Elink IOT seeks to raise about $150,000 AUD (about $119,000 USD) by June 19th. A standard Watcher will cost $135 AUD (about $105 USD) and should be available in August.

Watcher covers the basics in an affordable package but the features that make it unique are just better served by a host of Bluetooth-based products that can connect directly to the smartphone. For less than the price of the Watcher, one can pick up an original Pebble watch that has  thousands of apps available for it.

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