WildCard wallet pocket knife has a removable blade for TSA approval

Pocket knives are extremely useful yet prohibitively bulky compared to the slim wallets and smartphones used on a daily basis. As such, they can feel a bit uncomfortable to carry around or easily get lost.

Nate Barr, the inventor of the PocketMonkey multi-tool, has created its spiritual successor: the WildCard. Its main draw is the serrated-edge pocket knife built around proprietary FlyOff Technology. This technology replaces the commonplace pin most knives pivot on, saving the space necessary to make the WildCard just 2mm thick — as thick as an average credit card. Blade guards and the single-angled side ensure users won’t accidentally cut themselves while they use it.

The WildCard’s signature feature is a removable blade that can be taken off in advance of an airport trip and be replaced inexpensively if lost. In addition, the WildCard features a bottle opener, pry bar, and ruler. And just like the PocketMonkey, users will undoubtedly find new uses for it. Backers can grab a WildCard for $25, due to ship December 2015. The $20,000 campaign goal is looking to be funded by November 4th, 2015.

Muli-tools have a proven track record of versatility and this hardened stainless steel variant ups the ante boasting its ultra-slim construction. Its intelligent design is well worth the price of admission and the addition of its other features are definitely welcome. It’s a huge upgrade from the similar, but not as well designed, Quickey.

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