Eyecatcher E-Ink wearable blends jewelry and tech with fashionable results

editors-choiceThe intersection of technology and fashion has long been a wave bound to crash, and crash it has. Wrist-worn wearables are by far the most popular, with Android smartwatches, the Apple Watch, and a bevy of bands worn for the well-being of various facets of the body all vying for dominance.

Looksee Labs has a different conception of what a wearable should be, and its Eyecatcher is the example. The five-inch e-ink display wraps completely around the wrist, displaying everything from images to patterns to text messages to Twitter feeds. Unfortunately, that display isn’t a touch interface, so a companion iOS app is required to control the bangle. Through it, users can upload photos, specify what types of notifications are desired, and generally tinker with the wearable’s settings.

Men have the option of a stainless steel Eyecatcher, while women can choose from sterling silver or bronze options for $239. Looksee Labs is looking for $75,000 by November 20th, 2015. Backers can expect their very own Eyecatcher by Februrary 2016.

The Eyecatcher isn’t the first wraparound digital wristwear to emerge. But the Eyecatcher does well in blending technology with jewelry by being sleekly styled. Allowing fashionistas to take a picture of their outfit, for instance, and have it immediately displayed on their Eyecatcher really sells that aspect. And with a rechargeable 100 mAh battery that Looksee Labs claims lasts for up to an entire year or 8,000 display updates, this piece of jewelry is pretty versatile, too.

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