Luminoodle sees the lights, strings them up

After a slow ramp, LEDs have been taking over more and more lighting needs. They’ve shown up in light bulbs, flashlights, lanterns, desk lamps and even the running lights on cars. On addition to their low energy consumption, their small size allows them to be shaped in many granular configurations.

Luminoodle takes advantage of this by stringing together LEDs in a waterproof rope-like enclosure that includes a number of ways to connect to various surfaces, including loops and magnets. In addition, the whole thing can be coiled up in a bag and used as a lantern. The standard product measures five feet long, but also comes in an XL version twice that length.

Both are powered by a standard USB battery pack; the campaign offers a 4400 mAh version that can power the light for about six hours and which offers a small side lighting strip of its own. The Luminoodle is expected to ship in December. The basic Luminoodle costs $19 with a few fastening accessories and the lantern bag while the XL version with the same bundle  goes for $35. Power Practical seeks to raise $10,000 by October 15th.

The Luminoodle is fun and versatile portable lighting system that has more personality and flexibility than many lanterns. It’s waterproofing could make it a handy companion on camping trips and the ability to work off a standard USB charger means that the owner can trade off between battery life and bulk. However, several smaller lanterns could probably handle most of the tasks it tackles.

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