Connected Objects

The Flcikerstip connected LED strip lets your imagination shine bright

Everyone could use more bright, colorful lights in their lives and, contrary to popular opinion, Christmas needn’t be the only time during the year for them. Julian Hartline, founder of HOhmBody, thought the same and created the Flickerstrip so that anyone could brighten up any environment however they’d like.

The Flickerstip is a strip of Wi-Fi connected, decorative LED lights that can be arranged in a variety of ways at home, at parties, or even for art installations. Its companion desktop or smartphone app gives users the option to either downloaded pre-made light configurations that run the gamut from simple, repeating patterns to complex, dazzling arrangements or just make their own.


Luminoodle sees the lights, strings them up

After a slow ramp, LEDs have been taking over more and more lighting needs. They’ve shown up in light bulbs, flashlights, lanterns, desk lamps and even the running lights on cars. On addition to their low energy consumption, their small size allows them to be shaped in many granular configurations.

Luminoodle takes advantage of this by stringing together LEDs in a waterproof rope-like enclosure that includes a number of ways to connect to various surfaces, including loops and magnets. In addition, the whole thing can be coiled up in a bag and used as a lantern. The standard product measures five feet long, but also comes in an XL version twice that length.