Elevo window shades lets your car keep its cool

Car sun shades come printed with many different and amusing designs. There are the sunglasses, the cucumbers (for the car at the spa) the aluminum foil look to optimize reflection and a host of them that have been offered as promotions. But they’re all rather bulky to manage, which results in many car owners skipping on their benefits and enduring an overheated car during sunny weather.

Elevo does for the sun shade what automated blinds do for the home. The self-extending shades are affixed to the windshield, removing the hassle of  having to prop up and take down shades. In keeping with a history of car shade promotions, the company is pursuing custom logos for its product.

The product comes with extensions to support a wide range of windshields and can be activated via a key fob remote. Alas, there’s no Bluetooth compatibility, temperature and motion sensors to automatically deploy or the ability to remotely activate them from across the country. But those could be down the line. A pair of Elevo (Elevi?)  is available for $119 and is slated to ship in April 2016. Creator Obaid Masih seeks to $50,000 in funding by October 29th.

Elevo has the potential to increase the use of car shades by making them automatic. But it’s remains to be seen whether they’ll work as well or better than the classic and inexpensive cardboard variety. Some car owners may also object to keeping them on the windshield although they seem easier to manipulate than their awkward predecessors.

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