With Funnell, a rain-protecting poncho has your back

Hiking, cycling and basically being outdoors can mean sometimes getting caught off guard when the clouds and rain roll in. Those who love to be outside and travel will likely appreciate Funnell. The backpack rain jacket combo includes a parachute-like rip cord for quick and easy access to the jacket (or poncho) that covers both user and the backpack and, get this, does so without the backpack having to be removed!  Taking it off and putting it back together once the rain has stopped is another matter. No rip cord for that move. Nevertheless, the jacket is lightweight, made of polyester and comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. The backpack is 12.5 liters and includes a place for a laptop and pockets for several other essentials. Urban dwellers might be interested to check out the Movpak campaign, which blends skateboard and backpack. This campaign seeks to raise $25,980 by November 22, 2014. For $149, backers get one rain poncho and an expected delivery of March 2015.