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wobL lets your iPhone rock your wakeup

WoBLThe turnover of successive iPhone generations has led to many of us having a surplus of old devices. You could sell them or give them away, but why not put them to work around the house? wobL is a nightstand cradle for your iPhone that positions it at an optimal viewing angle for your horizontal head and allows you to “snooze” an alarm via a companion app. Rocking is a clever way to snooze the device given that the iPhone has no side-mounted snooze button, and the approach avoids having to pair with something via Bluetooth. Of course, it also works with Apple’s iPhone 5 series, providing a place for you to charge up overnight. On the other hand, even a dimmed LCD isn’t everyone’s favorite bedside companion. wobL comes to Kickstarter after a campaign on its hometown crowdfunding site Crowd Supply. It’s available to backers for $25, but isn’t expected to be available until October 2014. That seems like a long time for a relatively simple device, even including potential app development time.

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