Twisty Tint offers sun shade, with a twist

The Premise. People use window shades in cars to block out the sun. They’re great for protecting kids who can’t really move in their car seats or for long road trips where sun exposure in the car is a problem. If the shade is no longer needed, however, one must manually remove it to get their view back.

The Product. Twisty Tint is a window shade with options. It adheres to the car’s window and looks much like a porthole on a ship. By simply rotating the outside of the shade, you can adjust the amount of sun that’s let into the car. For really bright days you can block it out altogether. If you want to see what’s going on outside again, just twist it until the shade becomes clear.

The Pitch. Featuring the creator’s son, Twisty Tint’s campaign video shows just how easy the product is to use. It also goes into the details of how the product works using polarization technology. The remainder of the campaign even features a testimonial from an ophthalmologist praises the sun protection that Twisty Tint offers. This product hopes to raise $29,000 on Kickstarter.

The Perks. For $46, backers can pre-order the first generation Twisty Tint. At the $81 level, backers will receive two Twisty Tints. Reward tiers go up to $304 with estimated delivery set for August 2015.

The Potential. Twisty Tint definitely adds new flavor to the window shade market. Many other window shades are available on the market and some don’t have the convenience of an easy switch out. Others, however, make it possible to use or remove the shade. Many new luxury cars nowadays even come with built-in shades that roll up and down for sun protection. However, Twisty Tint is great because it can be used in multiple vehicles and it’s also fun for kids. The only downside is that the shade it provides isn’t that big as the product is quite small. Still, for those looking to stay out of the sun, it’s a great option for versatility in sun protection.


Granola Stroller charger lets the sun shine in to charge your gadgets

photo-mainEco-awareness is an increasingly important design principle being implemented to confront future challenges. Every little innovation contributes towards its spread, which is why the Granola Strolla impresses. The product is a portable solar-powered charger for all your USB devices, reliably charging them by using a multi-directional design that effectively drinks up the sun no matter what orientation it may be in. The whole of the charger features environmentally materials like HPDE and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, both of which are non-toxic and last longer. This product could help solve the problem of dead devices and wasteful energy all in one. Econauts can pick up their very own, along with a swag bag, for $55. This will help the company reach their goal of $20,000 by mid-October 2014.


iCups to revolutionize all communication. Or maybe not.

18ac4f3c9e20f8cf2270691768dcac08_largeThe steam engine, the Model T, the light bulb, the telephone, the smartphone: these are just some of the more recent revolutionary designs that have changed the world as we know it. Tack another one on there with ADA Sport’s iCups. Featuring cutting-edge battery technology (by having none), the clearest possible reception, and advanced design, iCups is here for those devoted to technology or simply confounded by it. iCups exists for nothing but pure communication — will you be a part of the revolution? Join it and help ADA Sports reach their funding goal of $10,000 with just $7. Multiple configurations available for more utility — you will not believe its versatility until you try it.


Taxi Magnet beacon helps those failing at hailing

5defe06c748ae8bf55d11546d98131d6_largeEven though creators Devin Heck and Christa Orsino advertise the Taxi Magnet as a useful aid for hailing cabs without losing your leg, it’s pretty obvious that this compact device exists more to protect those precious Jimmy Choo’s from the grime of New York City streets. In any case, the dual LED-equipped, four-inch device flashes bright blue and yellow lights that can grab a hack’s attention from far, eliminating the game of Frogger that develops when trying wave your hand frantically. With actual input from cabbies in the product’s creation, Taxi Magnet is looking to raise $4,950 for manufacturing. You can flag one down for just $15.

Tech Accessories

Hitchhiker sticks an external hard drive somewhere where it won’t be seen

Having enough storage for all the necessary programs, files, and downloads that a project may entail can be difficult with a laptop. External hard drives fix the problem, but are bulky and take up space. Now, Hitchhiker is putting a stop to both of these problems. At its core, Hitchhiker is a 1TB USB external hard drive that can be connected to any computer or even an Xbox One console. In order to keep it handy and save space, the Hitchhiker has a housing that can be attached to the device itself, and then it snaps into place with a locking plate.

Just the housing is also available for those that don’t need to replace their existing external hard drive, making it easier to take their files with them wherever they go. The inventors at Deenosaur are out to raise $78,000 to make Hitchhiker a viable commercial product. Getting the Hitchhiker with the hard drive will cost backers $79, and will be out in April 2015. Most devices come with enough storage now to circumvent the need for external drives, and if drives are needed, they’re often so small as to stay out of the way. But if buyers are particularly anal about their desk space, Hitchhiker could be one way to fix that problem for good.


Deftown protective baseball cap protects noggins without nerdiness

7fef7aea27e64c812696c95eeb5cabd2_largeA huge danger for any pitcher is the possibility of being hit with a line drive. Although the chance is low, the possible consequences are dangerous enough that considerations must be made when it comes to protection. The Deftown Baseball Cap by inventor Dennis Kuhnel is filling that gap. It’s slimmer and more effective than current protections, traits the inventor hopes will earn him MLB and NOSCAE certifications. Baseball enthusiasts will love the extra protection without the extra weight. For $35, interested backers get a cap, with the inventor hoping to garner support enough to raise $45,000 by October 20, 2014.

Health and Wellness

CLEARsmile uses microbubbles to clean your teeth

The Premise. Brushing, flossing and rinsing are three essential ways to keep our mouths clean. The problem? Most skip the flossing and rinsing and decide to just brush their teeth putting themselves and their teeth at risk for bad oral health. Good oral hygiene is essential not only for a great smile but for lifetime health as well.

The Product. CLEARsmile is an overall oral health product that keeps your mouth clean in one easy step. It uses power washing and a special solution to clean your mouth. A mouthpiece goes against the teeth and, when activated, the device uses pressure to clean the teeth and suction to pump the solution into the sink. The product is about the size of a Polaroid camera with tubes hanging out of it.

The Pitch. While not the flashiest campaign video in the world, the creator of CLEARsmile is captivating in explaining his product. After seeing lots of dirty mouths in the elderly and underprivileged, he decided to invent something that would make oral hygiene easy by replacing the traditional toothbrush, floss and mouthwash model. As a dentist himself, the authority he has in speaking about his product makes him trustworthy and competent. CLEARsmile is looking to raise a modest $16,500 on Kickstarter.

The Perks. Early birds can clean their teeth with CLEARsmile for only $99. At a regular price, one goes for $125. Estimated delivery is set for December 2015 as the product has yet to be made yet.

The Potential. The possibilities for CLEARsmile are endless. Not only will this product be a smash hit for parents trying to keep track of their children’s brushing habits, but also for the underprivileged as well as sick. Since the product is created by a dentist, there is little doubt that CLEARsmile really replaces the daily morning and evening brushing routine. The one downside of this product is that it lacks any kind of tongue scraper. Even so, CLEARsmile is a smart, relatively cheap and innovative way to keep your mouth clean.


TriClops shines more than a little light on your GoPro videos

TriClopsGoPro cameras are all the rage, as are the mounts that go with them. For anyone looking to film something at night, however, light is needed to make the footage visible. The TriClops is a high intensity display (HID) adaptive light that has several different modes for optimum shooting. Brightness can be easily adjusted along with the time the light stays on. TriClops is specifically designed to work with all GoPro cameras. The campaign is unclear on how the TriClops attaches to the camera so it’s hard to tell whether it’s supposed to be handheld or secured onto something. One will cost backers a $249 donation with a campaign goal of $40,000 on Kickstarter.


Adi Stay-Put plate aims to keep food from the floor

AdiSmall children plus mealtime means that food will inevitably end up on the floor. How much food depends on the plate. That’s where Adi comes in. The suction cup on the bottom sticks to most any surface, and is designed in such a way that only parental fingers can release it. While this won’t completely eliminate the mess that falls from table to floor, the family dog may be willing to help out from time to time. After that, it’s about teaching older siblings how to use a mop or broom and dustpan – because that’s what older kids are for, right? Backers get one plate for $20, a potentially small improvement to mealtime sanity, and an expected delivery of March 2015.

Luggage and Bags

TUL briefcase builds in a scale to save on airline baggage expenses

TULIn spite of full body scans, baggage and over-the-limit fees, obnoxious ticket prices and generally treating most passengers like they are prisoners, there are still people out there willing to fly what is quickly becoming not-so-friendly skies. For those who seem to be able to put this outrageous affront to customer service aside, TUL offers a way to save a few pennies via luggage with a built-in scale. Just close the lid, flip on the switch and the sensors and digital display do the rest. There isn’t even any lifting involved. This seems like a great idea, but Americans take note: it appears that only kilos are calculated. For $229 AUD backers get one suitcase and an expected delivery of May 2015.