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AllerGuarder wristband lets you guard against kids’ allergies

editors-choiceKids’ food allergies are a significant cause of concern for many parents –- especially when their children are away from home, be it at school, at a party, or elsewhere. AllerGuarder offers parents a solution to that dilemma.

patent-claimedAllerGuarder is a smart wristband that broadcasts kids’ allergies via a low-frequency Bluetooth transmitter that is built into the wearable device. The wristband constantly broadcasts a 50-foot radius alert and anybody within that zone who has downloaded the free Android or iOS app is automatically cautioned about a child’s allergies on their smartphones or tablets.

AllerGuarder ships in July at $54.99, but early bird Kickstarter backers can get one for a pledge starting at $30. A $4.99 AllerCharms accessory that attaches to the AllerGuarder wristband provides visual notification of the wearer’s specific allergies, such as peanuts. AllerGuarder’s maker hopes to raise $25,000 by Feb. 18.

There are similar wristbands on the market, including AllerMates. But AllerMates doesn’t feature an app component, relying solely on the wristband’s design and writing, which mentions only a peanut allergy specifically. One drawback of AllerGuarder, however, is that only people who have downloaded the app will get the warning about a child’s allergies. Therefore, consumers who buy it still likely need to inform other adults about their kids’ allergies verbally.


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