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AllerGuarder wristband lets you guard against kids’ allergies

editors-choiceKids’ food allergies are a significant cause of concern for many parents –- especially when their children are away from home, be it at school, at a party, or elsewhere. AllerGuarder offers parents a solution to that dilemma.

patent-claimedAllerGuarder is a smart wristband that broadcasts kids’ allergies via a low-frequency Bluetooth transmitter that is built into the wearable device. The wristband constantly broadcasts a 50-foot radius alert and anybody within that zone who has downloaded the free Android or iOS app is automatically cautioned about a child’s allergies on their smartphones or tablets.

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Squair ditches filters for cold plasma to help you breathe easier

Polluted air affects everyone in many different harmful ways. From asthma to allergies, everyone feels the detrimental results of dirty air, but no one quite knows how to address it.

SQUAIR takes the mind off of bad breathing as an air filtration system. Using cold plasma, this devices catches harmful pollutants in the air and kills bacteria. This product is also discreet, resembling a hard drive. It gives users relief for up to 30sqm around them and can be used anywhere from the office, home or even hotel rooms when traveling.

SQUAIR joins scores of other air purifiers, but misses the mark on a couple of key conveniences. Products like the Table Air not only filter toxins, mold and dust, but also communicate with smartphones to deliver data about what’s in the air. Other air purifiers run on battery, making them portable to use during walks to protect oneself in bad areas, such as a city. While SQUAIR’s methods to clean pollutants may be cutting edge, the product itself could use some updating to make it more user-friendly. For their very own, backers must donate €165 (~$203) for delivery in April 2015, if SQUAIR is able to reach its €79,000 (~$97,000) goal on Kickstarter.