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GiftAir portable air purifier cleans air around you

The air we breathe isn’t always clean. There’s lots floating around in our homes and outside, especially for those who live in cities. Air pollutants can cause serious health complications and send us into illness.

GiftAir is a portable air purifying device. It’s not just for the home, but can be carried around. Its campaign boasts that the product cleans the air within a 22 inch radius, blocking harmful toxins using air-ion technology. Running on battery, the device uses solar panels to charge up quickly and efficiently. It is white and made of bio-plastic manufactured from plants. Best of all, GiftAir features a strong clip so that it can be attached to strollers to protect young ones from the air. With no filter, it’s easier to clean and blocks out more gunk from the air, including pollen for those allergic to just about everything when the season hits.

It’s always a bit suspicious when a product claims to do something that pretty much can’t be measured. And the human race has gotten this far breathing in this horrible air. Still, data shows that the air is becoming more dirty and it’s especially important to make sure children stay healthy. This would be a great gift for those traveling to new places where the air quality is so bad it can cause illness to those not used to it, like Hong Kong. GiftAir’s portability is what really sets it apart from similar products. However, it doesn’t provide smartphone feedback like the Table Air, something GiftAir should consider adding in the future. Backers can have their very own by March 2015 for a $129 donation, provided GiftAir can reach its $30,000 campaign goal on Indiegogo.

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Squair ditches filters for cold plasma to help you breathe easier

Polluted air affects everyone in many different harmful ways. From asthma to allergies, everyone feels the detrimental results of dirty air, but no one quite knows how to address it.

SQUAIR takes the mind off of bad breathing as an air filtration system. Using cold plasma, this devices catches harmful pollutants in the air and kills bacteria. This product is also discreet, resembling a hard drive. It gives users relief for up to 30sqm around them and can be used anywhere from the office, home or even hotel rooms when traveling.

SQUAIR joins scores of other air purifiers, but misses the mark on a couple of key conveniences. Products like the Table Air not only filter toxins, mold and dust, but also communicate with smartphones to deliver data about what’s in the air. Other air purifiers run on battery, making them portable to use during walks to protect oneself in bad areas, such as a city. While SQUAIR’s methods to clean pollutants may be cutting edge, the product itself could use some updating to make it more user-friendly. For their very own, backers must donate €165 (~$203) for delivery in April 2015, if SQUAIR is able to reach its €79,000 (~$97,000) goal on Kickstarter.


Evrst and Aspyn clear the air of bad stuff to breathe

Scrubbing, mopping and dusting your house can only do so much. There’s lots of bacteria that live in the air that are nearly impossible to eradicate. In addition, tons of gunk can build up in your HVAC systems which then turns them into spreaders of ickiness instead convenient home fixtures.

Introducing two products that work for you to clean your house: Evrst and Aspyn. Evrst is a standalone product that sits visibly in your house to kill germs. It plugs in and cleans up to 1,500 sq ft of space. Evrst uses a two-stage filtration system: the first to squash odors and the second to catch teeny tiny particles. To operate, use the touchscreen where you can power it on or off, change the fan speed, set a timer or choose auto mode. The filters are good for three to six years. Aspyn is the same type of product, but gets placed directly in your HVAC system, cleaning your house from the inside out. One Evrst will cost backers $449 while the Aspyn goes for $650. These products have a huge, ridiculous campaign goal of $370,000 on Kickstarter.

Despite these products’ distaste for traditional vowels, they do like a clean house, which is important. While the campaign explains how they work, it’s difficult to prove that they actually do work without some proof. These aren’t the only air purifiers of their kind. Others target more specific irritants like allergens, smoke and mold. However, most of these are quite expensive, reaching into thousands of dollars like the Amaircare Whole House Air Purifier. For what they claim to do, Aspyn and Evrst are a good price, but their huge campaign goal may hold them back.

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Table Air clears the air, tells its tale to your smartphone

Table AirThe air we breathe isn’t always super clean. It’s hard to know what’s in the air and how harmful it is to our health. Table Air is a portable air purifier that provides information about the contaminants we’re breathing. It hooks up via Wi-Fi to an app that produces data about pollutants. Table Air can be switched on or off to purify the air and the user can even adjust the air flow. One of these smart air purifiers will cost backers $95 with estimated delivery in November 2014. The Chinese Table Air hopes to raise $5,000 on Indiegogo.