Tablet Accessories

Amp gives your iPad Air audio muscle for a mini-home theater

Tablets have really distinguished themselves in the market as cross laptops/smartphones with tons of capabilities in a portable package. As such, there’s lots they can do, but their potential isn’t always met with lots of insufficient accessories. Now the Amp aims to harness the power of the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. This durable tablet case also functions as high quality Bluetooth speakers that work with music, movies and TV shows and as a stand to prop it all up. The tablet snaps in and out of place easily. When the tablet is disconnected, Amp works just like any other Bluetooth speaker system, compatible with smartphones. All folded up, the case is discreet and durable, so the speakers can easily be carried around everywhere. Amp is a well thought out addition to the tablet accessory market and not only offers great function as a speaker system, but also as protection for your iPad Air. It’s a shame it doesn’t work with other tablets, but surely Amp will consider adding more models to its repertoire in the future. One will cost backers $199 by February 2015. Amp is looking to raise $50,000 with the help of Kickstarter.