Jack offers live guitarists option of Wi-Fi rather than cables

Every musician that enjoys doing live gigs dreams of one day having roadies for setup and teardown. In the meantime, affordable Wi-Fi options are often much coveted.

Jack is one such possibility. It allows for real time streaming over a secure Wi-Fi connection, eliminating the need for cables. In order to work, the Jack requires both guitar and amp. The Jack app is supposed to allow the user to connect the Jacks through any Wi-Fi enabled device. The app also allows users to record on their instrument, edit their music, and/or upload it to their Web site or social media profiles.

One downside here is that trying to run this through a phone or tablet is really going to put a drain on the battery. And normal use for your average laptop only offers about two –four hours of life without being plugged into an outlet. Nevertheless, as much of a pain in the butt as cords can be to lug to live gigs, this is actually a pretty exciting invention and seems worth checking into further. This project seeks to raise £20,000 (~$30,300) by early February. Early bird backers get one Jack for £95 (~$144).

Food and Beverage

Das Kühling makes your beer cold as ice without much sacrifice

If there is anything that the Germans can do right, it’s beer. In fact, if there’s a way to arrange it so that the beer comes out of the kitchen faucet, they will find it.

Das Kühling makes beer lovers’ dreams come true. This portable music amp turned beer amp can easily go from the kitchen sink to road trip to rock concert since it only takes 12V DC to make it function. So it can be hooked up to a car or truck battery. The user connects a beer keg directly to the amp, set it to the desired temperature and in minutes the beer is cold and ready for drinking. An indicator light lets the user know how much has been poured. Once the beer is gone, the amp self-cleans when hooked up to a line of fresh water. It’s not entirely clear how much the product weighs overall, and it is presently compatible with G-type coupler kegs, though broadening the compatibility is in the works.

This product will likely have wide appeal from the young adult to the baby boomer who appreciates rock-n-roll classics and memorabilia. And of course, anyone who feels that it’s the beer that makes the party. Backers who like to add some games to their beer and fun might want to check out the Allin and Shot Timer campaigns.  This campaign seeks to raise $150,000. For $499, backers get one Das Kühling with an expected delivery of August 2015.

Tablet Accessories

Amp gives your iPad Air audio muscle for a mini-home theater

Tablets have really distinguished themselves in the market as cross laptops/smartphones with tons of capabilities in a portable package. As such, there’s lots they can do, but their potential isn’t always met with lots of insufficient accessories. Now the Amp aims to harness the power of the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. This durable tablet case also functions as high quality Bluetooth speakers that work with music, movies and TV shows and as a stand to prop it all up. The tablet snaps in and out of place easily. When the tablet is disconnected, Amp works just like any other Bluetooth speaker system, compatible with smartphones. All folded up, the case is discreet and durable, so the speakers can easily be carried around everywhere. Amp is a well thought out addition to the tablet accessory market and not only offers great function as a speaker system, but also as protection for your iPad Air. It’s a shame it doesn’t work with other tablets, but surely Amp will consider adding more models to its repertoire in the future. One will cost backers $199 by February 2015. Amp is looking to raise $50,000 with the help of Kickstarter.