Armadillo Colander collapses flat to take the pain out of the strain

Armadillo ColanderFinding storage space for a bulky colander (or strainer) is a common kitchen challenge, especially if a person likes to enjoy the option of having boiled foods on the road via a camper or RV. The RMDLO (Armadillo) Colander (or strainer) is a unique solution made of stainless steel sheets that fold up to 1.6cm for easy storage, and can be easily squeezed together for pouring food onto a plate. Prefer steamed veggies to boiled? It can also act as a steamer. While there are other folding colanders out there, the Armadillo’s stainless steel and steamer capability will make it more versatile, and it also seems to fold up smaller. For £20, backers get one product with an expected delivery of October 2014.

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