ForeverSpin tops have an element of fun, fall short of spinning forever

ForeverSpinSome people like to stare at an aquarium of fish while they brainstorm, but the maker of ForeverSpin prefers a spinning top. Mirrored, brushed, and gold plated are apparently ideal when bored, stressed, anxious, as a gift to a child, or just for some spinning competition fun. But for those who consider themselves to be deep thinkers, visionaries, and / or champions with some extra cash and an interest in finding out if tops really do enhance brainstorming sessions, there are the options of copper, aluminum, and titanium. Backers can choose their favorite element beginning at $19. Expected delivery is June 2014. For those who prefer blended elements that command a prettier penny, The Lambda campaign offers a brass-aluminum top with a ruby bottom that’s been known to whirl for up to 10 minutes.

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